Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Year / Year Comparison: 1Q2006 / 1Q2005

I've begun analyzing 2005 sales data and comparing it to 2006 data. Slightly less than 12,000 transactions occurred in the District during 2005.

2005 Aggregated Sales Data

Four data points become apparent when analyzing the sales data:

  1. Throughout 2005, condos constituted anywhere from 47.3% to 57% of the monthly transaction volume in 2005.
  2. Average and median prices for condos flatten out in 1Q06 compared to 1Q05. Condo median prices grow approximately 3% in January, February, and March 2006 compared to 2005.
  3. Overall, price gains are still positive for the other types of housing units, providing some cover for the flattening condo prices.
  4. Transaction volumes are falling through the floor (-22% to -38%).

I wonder if condo prices have hit the top of the rollercoaster's incline and are now poised for a steep fall.

The tables below show the growth (+) or decline (-) of housing prices in 2006 vice 2005.

January YoY

February YoY

March YoY

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