Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DC Condo Prices

I've just uploaded DC sales data for August to Of the 800 sales records I processed, 363 are condos (average sales price: $401,852), the remaining 437 are single family or multi-family homes.

Generally, condos represent about 50% of all units sold in DC each month. However, condos aren't displayed when you visit ; the site provides information only on sales of single/multi-family homes.

Visits to this blog confirm the level of interest in condos in the DC market. To address that, I'm launching a new site in the near future focused on DC condo sales. It's intended to provide sales data for condos sold in DC. I'll post an update once the site has launched.

Email me if you want more information about the site.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bring on the condo prices! Can't wait. We're counting on you to tell us exactly when the condo market hits bottom. :-) I'm tired of renting.