Sunday, November 05, 2006

DC 2006: Year to date sales

Through August 31, 2006, DC has recorded the sale of 6023 housing units (type by 2006 sales volume):

  • Condo: 2813 units
  • Rowhouse SFH: 1477 units
  • Detached SFH: 793 units
  • Semi-detached SFH: 511 units
  • Multi-family: 429 units

Note that there is some uncertainty whether properties DC lists as multi-family are not actually single family homes. I have a friend whose house is definitely a rowhouse yet the city records it as multi-family. Conversely, I'm aware of properties listed as rowhouses that have been serving as multi-family housing.

The table below provides average and median prices and sales volume for sales in DC, organized by zip code; the data include all types of housing units.

The tables below detail YTD average sales prices and sales volume by zip code for each type of housing unit.

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