Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2006 in Review: Detailed analysis

Last week I posted information summarizing 2006 home and condo sales in the District. Today I'm posting detailed sales information, organized by housing type and zip code.

As previously mentioned, slightly less than 9000 housing sales were recorded in the District in 2006. The figure below shows aggregate sales by zip code for all housing types. You'll notice that zip codes 20009, 20001, and 20002 represent almost a third of all District sales in 2006 (11.78%, 10.92%, and 9.81%, respectively). Interestingly, condo sales drove unit vloume in zip codes 20009 and 20002. Measured by unit volume:

  1. 20009: condos, 82%
  2. 20001: condos, 65.44%
  3. 20002: rowhouses, 62.68%

Aggregate sales information by housing type by zip code

Detailed sales information by housing type by zip code

Note: although they're listed as muli-family homes, many of these homes actually serve as single family homes.

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