Friday, March 23, 2007

DC Sales: January 2007 (Preliminary)

I've been entertaining guests from Houston this week so I've not been able to perform any new analyses. However, I did wake up early enough one morning to discover that the District finally completed posting sales recorded in January. It's hard to believe it can take two months for them to post data and, even more incredibly, to find that some of the posted data is absolute garbage.

For example, according to the District 3532 13th St NW, a 2700 sq. ft. rowhouse built in 1909 with 8 bedrooms, 6 baths, sold for $88,977,275. Unless the condo market was more insane than even I believed, I find it hardly credible that unit #603 at Q14 [1401 Q St NW] sold for $88,140,310. At least they spelled their street names correctly.

I'm processing the data now so it can be uploaded to and I'll post my final analysis then. However, I am able to provide a preliminary analysis of sales in each ward in the District.

Ward 2 had the largest number of sales, comprising 29% of all sales recorded in the District. It turns out, not too surprisingly, that most of the sales in Ward 2 were condos and of those, Columbia Residences, the Alta, the Whitman, and the Artisan were well represented.

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