Monday, April 23, 2007

Condo Sales: The Clara Barton

For its developer, I believe the Clara Barton's middle name must be 'serendipity.' Located at 616 E St NW, the Clara Barton was originally built to serve as the Jefferson at Penn Quarter apartment building. It was instead sold as condos beginning in late 2004 [see the profile here] just as the District's condo boom approached its peak.

It's a huge building, one of the largest completed in the past four years. According to the District's real property assessment database the Clara Barton has 255 units, although the District's real property sales database has recorded sales for only 253 units.

The Clara Barton 616 E St NW, DC, 20004

Sales through January 2007

The District recorded 276 sales transactions (including 23 flips/resales) through the end of January 2007.

Three units are currently advertised for rent on craigslist:

  • $2200: 1/1
  • $3500: 1/1, furnished corporate apartment
  • $2400: 1/1, furnished corporate apartment

Information on individual sales can be found at

Rental / Resale Activity

Since its opening, 23 units have been flipped or resold.

Update: Modified the table to show resale date and price per square foot. Average resale price per square foot was $524.82.

Three units, all of which were originally purchased no later than July 2005, are currently listed for sale in the MLS:

  • DC6297330: unit #215, a 1/1 for $499,000. Selling at that price would render a $139,100 profit before transaction costs.
  • DC6290182: unit #609, a 1/1 for $389,000. Selling at that price would be a $111,100 profit before transaction costs.
  • DC6235161: unit #1009, a 1/1 for $409,900, after a $15,000 price reduction. Selling at that price would represent a $10,000 loss before transaction costs.

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