Sunday, April 20, 2008

February 2008 data loaded

I've uploaded data for residential sales the District recorded in February 2008 to and; it's available for viewing now. The data analysis is forthcoming.

Update [4/21]: The analysis will be delayed a day. The District's real property sales database reported one home's sale price at $5.3MM higher than the actual sales price. That skewed the average sales price for homes for the month by about 6%. I have some rework to do. Thank you, DC OTR.


Anonymous said...

wheres a ood site to track DC foreclosures?
I want to start watching see the trend
so i can bottom fish

Keith said...

I'm not aware of such a site. RealtyTrac lists foreclosures, it costs $50 / month to subscribe. I subscribed briefly, but quit because its search facility was pretty poor.