Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I'm trying something new and would appreciate your feedback. I've analyzed quite a few condo buildings in the area over the past 2 years. Unfortunately, I rarely update a condo's profile once it's been posted and I can guarantee you there's some old, creaky data out there. To "fix" that problem, I'm researching whether a wiki would help.

The idea is that I'll put all the condo analyses on the wiki and those who have more current information - and no agenda - can update or improve the entries.

So I've created a wiki, DCHousingPrices, and prepopulated it with a few postings. It's configured to accept anonymous users. Check it out. I'd appreciate feedback on whether this is worthwhile and if there are issues with the platform provider I've selected. Again, no agendas and no puffery.

I'm still working on April's sales data, but travel and my partner's hospital stay have delayed my progress.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea, but I don't know how you are going to keep the people with agendas from taking it over. Is there some way to always see the previous posts? Or can anyone change the original information?

Truthfully, I kind of like the comment system--if you can get to the buildings/area you're interested in, and just scroll through the comments it works well. I would just hate for someone with an agenda to change the reliable information into unreliable information.

Tom A. said...

Hey hope your partner is feeling better soon. I'll check out the wiki, although i don't have much info. I AM curious about Jenkins Row however- they are saying that they have fewer than 20 units remaining, and only one left on the 5th floor.

Keith said...

This is what I know about Jenkins Row: the District's Recorder of Deeds shows that 133 of the 246 units have had sales recorded. The District's sales database shows only 109 sales. The property's sales folks - true to their calling - are probably puffing up reality.

I suspect the sales folks are quoting the number of units without a sales contract, regardless of the existing contracts' quality. It's a big question how many of those contracts will go to closing.

Ultimately, though, only closed sales count. You may want to wait a bit to see how things shake out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous poster who expressed doubt that you'll be able to keep out the "interested" parties. Wikipedia can't do it, and they have a pretty tight security system.

But I think the concept is excellent in principle.

BetweenHandNOMA said...

I would be happy to update and add information from public records. Where would I find this information?