Sunday, January 11, 2009

District Sales: September 2008 [By Neighborhood]

I've just finished processing all the photos [more than 800] of our trip to Australia and have posted a few [see an example on the right] to the web so now I have time to begin analyzing the District's sales for September 2008. I don't plan to perform a similar analysis for July and August, but I will provide a sales listing for those two months soon.

As a start, below you'll find a table listing September's sales organized by neighborhood. I use the District's assessment neighborhood names, which means you won't find Penn Quarter, Shaw, Logan Circle or NoMa in the list. Old City I and Old City II dominate sales - 10.25% and 17.52% of all units sold and 8.38% and 16.73% of total dollar volume. Although Georgetown's sales accounted for only 2.81% of September's unit sales, that was counterbalanced by the fact it represented 7.47% of the month's dollar volume.


Anonymous said...

awesome picture, what camera do you use?

Looking at that list, prices don't seem to be too bad in the areas that I am looking at (Col Heights and Old City II). I'm still waiting to see until the next summer tho.

Keith said...

Thanks for the compliment. I have a Fujifilm E900. It's a 9 megapixel camera that I've set for 5 megapixel.