Monday, January 05, 2009

The wonk and the realtors

A fellow blogger posted one slide from a presentation given to the Dulles Area Association of Realtors by someone from the George Mason University Center for Regional Analysis.

It's a presentation only a policy wonk could love - fourteen (!) pages of charts without a connecting story line. No agenda. No "why we're here". Just page after page of charts and data concluding with two pages of platitudes and generalities. "Foreclosures Will Take Time to Work Through". No kidding. "Fiscal Impacts of Declines in Residential Property Values Will Invoke Large Toll on Government Tax Revenues". Wow.

I'd give anything to see how it went over with all those realtors. "I like all those bar graphs, but I think a radar chart would have been much more effective."

My apologies, but these types of "baffle or dazzle" presentations just drive me nuts.

To bed...

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