Sunday, June 07, 2009

Adieu, indeed

I received this friendly, positive comment from Arcticrose today:

I am moving out of DC all together! This city has unrealistic prices, very horrible weather and lots of crime.

I am going back to southern France. Enjoy your muggy summers.

Adieu :)

Yeah, you bet. Real estate prices in Paris are extremely reasonable, the weather there is reminiscent of a tropical paradise, and there are no prisons in France [surely this article is a work of fiction].

I speak four languages: English, Texan, New Orleanian, and French (a little). Since Articrose is obviously not fluent in English, I'll communicate my response in the other three:

  • New Orleanian: Bitter, table for one!
  • French: Il n'y a ni l'hiver ni la pluie ni l'humidité au sud de la France? C'est incroyable, ça. Mais je pense qu'il y a plus d'ignorance maintenant.
  • Texan: Don't let the door hit you on the way out, pardner!


Grant Hammond said...

That is awesome! I wish I had the courage to write some replies like that on my blog!

monkeyrotica said...

Well, you have to admit that France's healthcare system is far superior to the American model. It will also come in real handy when Arcticrose gets that pole removed from his a$$.

Anonymous said...

um Paris is in Northern France. He/She said southern France.

Anonymous said...

your overbaked sarcasm is soooo DC

Keith said...

Anonymous 4:54

I know where Paris is. I also know that it, like Washington, is a national capital.

Keith said...

Anonymous 9:05

It's easy to make cracks when you do it anonymously.

Anonymous said...

If the poster want a non muggy summer and less crime there is always the north pole.

Seriously where there are people there is crime. Sure some places have less but no place is really crime free.