Friday, June 26, 2009

Moving Day!

This is it! We move to the new house Saturday.

In the past three weeks, everything on the task list for June has been accomplished:

  • PMP: passed.
  • Floors: refinished.
  • Door locks: changed.
  • Window sash locks: installed.
  • Painting: completed except for one bathroom.
  • Pink toilet and sink: removed and recycled.
  • Yellow toilet and sink: removed and recycled.
  • Granite countertops: installed.
  • Pink tile and tub: reglazed and then chipped by the painter's crew.
  • New neighbors: met.
  • Soon to be former neighbors: addresses exchanged.
  • Rental house close out: scheduled.
  • Comcast: don't ask.
  • Partner's grandkids: welcomed to DC with kisses and loving arms.
  • Job: kept [so far].

And somehow, our relationship remains intact.

I'm ready for the beach!


Brandon Green said...

Congrats on your new places--it must feel great to be done with all of that work and heading to the beach!

Will Smith said...

Congratulations Keith!

Keith said...


Thanks. Before I go to the beach, I think a martini or three may be in order!

Keith said...


Thanks, my friend.