Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Setting expectations

My parents recently celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. When asked the secret to their marriage's longevity, my mother replied, "Low expectations!" My partner has taken that comment to heart [we celebrate 25 years in August].

So, to set your expectations appropriately, I have a busy June ahead of me:

  • I close on my house Friday.
  • I'll then be hiring painters, floor finishers, reglazers, countertop folks, plumbers, and locksmiths to touch the place up before we move in.
  • Until we move in, I'll be acting as de facto general contractor, managing all those folks I listed above.
  • I go to Savannah, GA for a family reunion.
  • I study for and [hopefully] pass the PMI PMP test.
  • Occasionally I'll go to work.
  • And then we move to the new house!

So forgive me if I don't update as frequently as I have in the past. Rest assured, I've collected and processed sales data and, when the storm passes, will post it here.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Keith - Close on Friday ?!?!?! I didnt even know you found a place - thats great news!!!!

Out of curiosity, please give us long time lurkers a few details (general location, price firmness, etc).

Again congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov! Good luck!

Keith said...

Yes, I've purchased a home in NW DC. I'll describe the transaction once I've closed; right now, I'm keeping an eye on some drama between the mortgage and title companies.

The J said...

That's a busy couple months - Congrats and good luck with the closing, the 25 years, the reunion, and the PMP!

Brandon said...

Congrats to your parents!

David said...

congrats. :-)